Lamello Tenso P-14/P-10 Preload Clips

by Lamello
SKU CL145426

Introducing the Lamello Tenso P-14 Preload Clips, the perfect addition to your Lamello Tenso P-14 self-clamping connector system. These innovative clips allow you to achieve even greater clamping force and a stronger connection between your workpieces.

The Lamello Tenso P-14 Preload Clips are made from durable plastic and are designed to work seamlessly with the Tenso P-14 connectors. Simply attach the clips to the connector before assembly, and they will apply an additional pressure force to the joint, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Using the Preload Clips is incredibly easy. Simply snap them onto the Tenso P-14 connector before assembly, and they will automatically apply additional pressure to the joint. This helps to ensure that your workpieces stay securely connected and eliminates any risk of slipping or shifting during assembly.

The Preload Clips are compatible with other Lamello products, allowing you to expand your capabilities and create even more complex furniture designs. Plus, their removable design makes disassembly simple, allowing for easy repairs or modifications down the line.

Whether you're a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the Lamello Tenso P-14 Preload Clips are a must-have for achieving maximum clamping force and a strong, stable connection in your furniture and cabinetry projects. Order yours today and experience the benefits of these innovative and effective preload clips.

Fastest Connection

Connected in seconds with Clamex or Tenso. Connection is complete within seconds, without waiting time, clamps, or post-processing work.

The Ideal Gluing Aid

Its high clamping force means that no other gluing aids such as clamps or presses are needed when using the Tenso P.

Unmatched Clamping Force

With its 3 pairs of springs, the Tenso achieves extremely high clamping force in even the smallest installation areas.

The Tenso P-14 is primarily intended for any application where a clamped joint with adhesive will be used. Certain non-load-bearings like valances, toe kicks,scribes, or concealment panels are also great applications.

Along with standard furniture and cabinet constructions, popular applications for the Tenso P-14 also include bases, covers and other slotted connections. In addition, the Tenso P-14 is often used for pre-finished parts to prevent marks that are caused by the clamps used to force the parts together. The Tenso P-14 is also the perfect solution when it comes to connections that are difficult to clamp. It also allows excessive glue to be removed more conveniently.


  • Self-clamping gluing aid for furniture, shelving units, built-ins, kitchen cabinets, and face frames
  • Clamping Connector for concealed corner joints
  • Simpler and faster alternative to pipe and bar clamps
  • Faster gluing process; work pieces may be stacked directly after gluing
  • Application, adjustments and assembly are also possible on site

66  x  27  x  9.7 mm

100.4 × 7 × 22
Shell Material

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Installation Tolerance

Lateral ± 1 mm
Tightening Force / Clamping Force

35 lbs. / connector

Lamello Tenso P-14 Snap in Glue Aid Clamping Connectors with Preload Clip Video


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