Lamello Zeta P2 Cordless Biscuit Joiner, 101801DS

by Lamello
SKU CL101801DS


Lamello Zeta P2 Cordless Biscuit Joiner with Diamond Cutter (#101800DS) (without Batteries or Charger) is $1,850.

Lamello Zeta P2 Cordless Biscuit Joiner with Diamond Cutter (#101801DS) is $2,200.

The cordless Zeta P2 is the profile biscuit joiner for even faster joints, suitable for use with P-System connectors. New biscuit joiner with height-adjustable cutter. With fixed, self-clamping and detachable connecting fittings. It is used to create the form-locking P-System groove within seconds, and is even more flexible to use thanks to its battery drive. The integrated vertical mechanical drive is automatically triggered at the maximum cutting depth and performs a lateral cutter movement for the P-System groove. Connectors with various functions and different sizes can now be inserted into the form-locking P-System groove without the need for any tools.

The Zeta P2 also comes with a range of accessories that make it incredibly versatile. The included guide system allows for precise, repeatable cuts, and the adjustable fence makes it easy to cut slots in any position. Plus, the tool-free depth adjustment lets you quickly and easily set the depth of your cuts.


  • Wood elements - Use Zeta P2 for standard wooden biscuits by rotating the P-System depth adjuster to OFF to switch off the vertical mechanical drive. The 7 mm P-System cutter is replaced with the 4 mm groove cutter.
  • Multifunctional stop square - In addition to vertical stability resulting from the larger contact area, the stop quare enables variable adjustment of the groove position, 0-50 mm.
  • P-System vertical mechanical drive - The vertical mechanical drive consists of highly precise rotary parts supplied by Lamello. It creates an eddy current, driving the stroke movement.
  • P-System depth adjuster - Extremely fast rotation to set different depths for the P-System joining elements: 10, 12, 14, 15 or 18.
  • P-System anchorage - Tool-free anchoring of connectors, without adhesive or screws.
  • Swivelling front stop with fixed pivot point - Join reliably with the cutter which is in the exact center between to two application surfaces


  • Zeta P2 cordless
  • 2 batteries 18V, LiHD 4.0 Ah
  • Charger ASC 55, plug Typ C Euro
  • P-System cutter, diamond tipped
  • Stop square
  • Suction stub 36mm
  • Angle disc
  • Spacer 2mm
  • Spacer 4mm
  • Tool set
  • P-System drill jig incl. drill
  • Dust bag

Technical Data

Voltage (V): 18 V
Power (W): 1050 W
Speed (U/min): 9'000 minˉ¹
Teeth: Z3 (Diamond-cutter)
Cutting depth max: 20mm

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