Leitz Router Bits

by Leitz

The processing of wood, wood-derived materials or plastics is taking place more and more on CNC router machines and machining centers. All machining tasks are carried out with shank tools, from sizing, jointing and rebating to profiling and boring. Leitz offers a comprehensive range of shank tools. From standard applications to customer-specific solutions and applications in the high-performance range, Leitz shank tools fulfill every customer requirement.

Discover our Range:


  • Solid Carbide Router Bits
    Router cutter for sizing, grooving and finish cutting with chip-free edges.
    • Spiral Finishing Router Bits
    • Compression Router Bits
    • Mortise Compression Router Bits
    • Low Helix Finisher
    • Carbide Chipbreaker Finisher
    • O-Flute Straight Router Bits
    • O-Flute Router Bits
    • Carbide Spiral Wood Upcut
  • Diamond Router Bits
    Diamaster (PCD) tools offer extended performance and efficient sizing and nesting cuts in panel products and abrasive materials.
    • DiaMaster PRO 2+2 Router Bits
    • DiaMaster PRO 3+3 Router Bits
    • DiaMaster EdgeExpert Router Bits
  • V-Grooving, Finish Cutters
    For machining V-groove profiles and for multi-purpose carving operations (decorative groove, 90° corner etc.).
  • Jointing, Rebating
    For pre-cutting and jointing of large cutting depths, MCL arched parts along and across the grain. For pre-cutting.
    • HeliCut 15 - Copy Shaping Cutterhead
  • MDF Door Routing
    Precision tooling to create thermofoil doors.
    • 5/8" Thick MDF Doors, Outside Edge Profiles, 3/4" Thick MDF Doors, Outside Edge Profiles, Center Panels for MDF Doors. 
  • Fly Cutters
    For surface planing materials (such as spoilboards) or recessing of large workpieces.
    • WL 400 2 (HW, Z3, Z4, Z5)
  • Beveling Tools
    For jointing, beveling and raised panels with stepless adjustable bevel angles +/- 60°.
    • Inserts, HeliCut, WhisperCut Designs

Sizing & Grooving: Leitz has the right shank tools for every material and application. Marathon cutters for solid wood and plywood, turnblade tools for constant diameter work up to PCD tools for chip and fibre materials or abrasive composite materials. Single, double  or triple-edged tools for optimum adaptation to the required machining quality, application rate and batch size. 

Jointing, Rebating and Bevelling: Precise jointing of workpieces for subsequent operations such as edgebanding or corner joints are important machining tasks on CNC machining centers. Here it is the machining quality and its accuracy that are most important. Adjusted tool solutions for chip and fibre materials as well as for solid wood and plywood are the prerequisites for excellent machining results. Highlights from the Leitz range, such as WhisperCut or HeliCut, are used in these scenarios and impressively demonstrate their respective strengths.

Face Milling and Finishing: In addition to the increasing use of the 'nesting' process, shank tools are becoming more and more important for face milling, finishing and folding. For example, when the support panels located between the machine grid table and the workpiece are reconditioned and recalibrated from time to time in order to obtain a clean and even support surface.

Profiling: Whether framed doors are made of solid wood, panels or MDF fronts, profile shank tools are also used in furniture production, and again must provide the highest quality. In order to minimize reworking, the right tool and its design are essential. For these challenging applications, Leitz offers the ProfilCut Q tool system and the optional RipTec system; an excellent solution for processing solid wood along and across the grain with the highest finish quality. MDF furniture fronts are also nested directly from large raw panels with Leitz PCD profile shank cutters, producing the highest quality, while at the same time minimizing processing time.

Portable Routers: The variety of tools for routers is immense. Leitz offers a comprehensive selection of premium quality tools for this type of manual cutting. Grooving cutters, edge trimming cutters, radii, rounding and bevelling cutters are just a few examples of the extensive range which are optimized for use on portable routers and manufactured with cutting edges made from high-quality carbide. The tool program is supplemented by boring tools to produce hole rows or holes for furniture hinges.

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