LT Automatic Automatic Stretch Wrapper

by Robopac

Entry level automation with high level features. At 17 RPM, this low to medium volume made in the USA automatic stretch wrapper enables your operation to wrap faster, uses less space and film, and keeps your operators safe. The end result is increased performance.

  • 10” color touch screen
  • Allen Bradley PLC and drives
  • Small footprint makes it perfect for most operations.
  • 15 customizable wrap recipes with Cube Technology
  • 5 foot infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Conveyor and main frame adjustable 18” – 24” pass heights
  • Automatic load height sensing
  • Automatic film tail treatment (Clamp, cut, and wipe down)
  • Variable turntable speed
  • Variable carriage speed
  • Safety fencing


Includes Allen Bradley Micro 800 series PLC. The 10-inch color touch screen makes it easy to program and operate. Includes 15 customizable wrap recipes with Cube Technology.

RoboPac Control Panel Photo - LT Automatic


Automatically senses top of load to provide your load with full film coverage. Cut, clamp, and wipe down unit secures the film tail at the end of the wrap cycle to the load to avoid loss of containment at the bottom of the load.

LT Automatic - Load Height Sensing and Film Tail Treatment


With 200% fixed pre-stretch included, the LT Automatic guarantees that stretch film will go further which saves money. Our variable pre-stretch option help you save more on film costs by pre-stretching your film up to 400%.

LT Automatic - Film Savings Photo Pre-Stretch


With one of the smallest footprints in its category, the LT Automatic is able to be placed in areas that meet your operations workflow requirements.

LT Automatic - Small Footprint Dimensions


The machinery includes industry standard safety fencing and photo eyes. The customer is in the best position to determine whether additional safety devices are necessary for your application. In addition, Robopac does offer and encourages the use of category three safety devices, which are available to be added as options to the machine. If you believe the industry standard fencing and photo eyes do not provide adequate protection for your unique application, you should purchase the category 3 devices. These important safety issues are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Robopac LT Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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