Masterplat Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

by RoboPac

The Masterplat is designed for customers wrapping 30 to 45 loads per day. It comes with standard features including a Self-Learning Wrap Program, 110″ wrap height and a heavy duty 4,400 pound capacity turntable to improve productivity and ROI.

Like all Robopac stretch wrappers, the Masterplat is safe for your operators. The Roll Carriage is positioned on the operator side of the machine to keep your operators out of the wrapping area. It comes equipped with standard safety features like a Roll Carriage Anti Fall Device & Roll Carriage Safety Stop, and a 65″ diameter diamond plated steel turntable that prevents your load from shifting during the wrapping process and accommodates the standard 40″ X 48″ pallet reducing the risk of product damage or injury from overhang.

The Masterplat turntable is supported by 28 heavy duty casters and can handle a 4,400 lb load and you also have the option to increase weight capacity to 5,500 lbs. This machine was designed for a demanding environment, it includes many standard performance and application features that come at a premium and are often not available from other manufacturers.

R-Connect Ready

R-Connect, available for this machine is our latest innovation was developed to provide usage and performance data via the cloud, enabling you to meet Industry 4.0 demands by putting performance monitoring & optimization at your fingertips. Utilization drastically reduces downtime by giving you informational transparency, allowing you to connect with your machines remotely to investigate alarms, adjust parameters, & respond promptly. This Industry 4.0 innovation empowers you with actionable insight to continuously improve performance, cost savings, & automation.

Production Speed Up to 25 LPH
Load Capacity  
Max Load Dimensions 52"(w) x 52" (l) x 110" (h)
Maximum Load Weight 4400 lbs
Machine Structure  
Turntable Height 3"
Turntable Diameter 65"
Turntable Construction 3/8" diamond plate steel
Turntable Drive Motor 1 HP VAC
Turntable Speed 5 - 12 RPM
Film Delivery System  
Standard Pre-Stretch Fixed 250%
Containment Force Adjustable Force Control
Film Carriage Motor 1/2 HP VAC Chain-Driven
Height Sensing Automatic via Photocell
Film Threading Patented S-Pattern
Corner Compensation Load Cell
Operator Interface  
Control Panel 3.5" Color Graphic Display
Wrapping Menus 3 Fixed, 1 Programmable Menu
Utility Requirements  
Electrical 115V, 20 amps, 60Hz, 1PH
Safety Features  
Anti-Fall Device on Carriage YES
Pressure Activated Safety Stop on Carriage YES
CE Compliant, UL, CUL YES

250% Pre-Stretch

Icon Driven Touchscreen
Makes setting parameters easy & intuitive with an interface that offers a tablet-like experience that allows you to tap & scroll your way through settings.
Multi-Level Variable Containment Force
Delivers optimal containment force at each level. Containment force is adjustable up to 9 times on each load.
R-Connect® Ready
Able to install R-Connect® remote monitoring software immediately.
Standard 110" Wrap Height
Ensures you can wrap even your tallest loads.
Written guarantee to repair or replace the machine if necessary.
30" Film Carriage
Auto Film-Cutting Device
Cold Package
Extended Warranty
Roping Device
Scale Package
Top Platen Hold Down
Better Load Containment
Easy to Load Turntable
Easy to Operate
Ideal for Distribution Centers
Safe & Simple Operation
Low Total Cost of Ownership

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