SCM Minimax ME 25 Edgebander, INCLUDES FREIGHT

by Minimax

The Minimax ME 25E is a compact machine boasting capacities usually only found on much larger units. End trimming, top and bottom trimming, buffing, scraping stations, with 3mm edge processing (5mm strips) are standard. This machine is perfect for the small to medium sized panel processing shops, looking for a small footprint machine with many features at a favorable price.

1-phase, compact edgebander with automatic strip magazine and 3mm radius tooling. Complete with end trimmer, top/bottom trimmers, profile scrapers, and buffing unit.

The Minimax ME 25E has an adjustable infeed fence with numeric readout for the edge thickness which offers precise and quick positioning.

The Minimax ME 25E edge bander features a glue pot with a quick heat-up system. The glue pot is Teflon coated to allow for easy clean up and easy glue replacement. The system easily applies the glue to the panel with a vertical glue spreading roller, and the temperature is adjustable via the PLC control. The machine also has a device to automatically recover unused glue.

Edge banding is automatically loaded, and the guillotine easily cuts PVC material up to 3mm thick. The edge banding coil support is 28” in diameter.

The edge banding is applied to the material through the use of double edge pressure rollers.

Manual adjustment of the presser, with numerical readout and automatic positioning of the upper operating units according to the panel height.

The Minimax ME 25E panel movement system is designed for a perfect finish, the very best finishing of the panel edge is further improved by the panel conveying belt (SCM patent), which prevents the panel from having the feed affected by the typical pulse generated by the pinion of a traditional feed track, which is common at slower speeds. The presser above the belt feed has support rollers that run the entire length of the machines stations to assist guiding the panel during operation.

The control panel is located on the front of the machine in an ergonomic position. This unit is used to control all of the machines functions quickly and intuitively. It has a 4-line LCD display keyboard with “soft touch” pushbuttons and led light indicators for the functions, and adjustments of the glue pot temperature.

The saw blade end trimmer is extremely precise. Made of solid steel, it guarantees a clean, accurate cut on the leading and trailing edges of the panel being processed. This saw blade trims both the front and rear leading edges of the panels being run. The process is completely automatic and the cut is referenced directly from the panel via micro-switches so there is no need for adjustment when running different length panels.

The Minimax ME 25E is equipped with automatic top and bottom trimming. It features both vertical and horizontal copy shoes for accurate positioning of your tooling with reference to the trimming point.

The Minimax ME 25E features buffing and scraping stations as standard for finishing of 3mm PVC/ABS edges. The scraping system assures an excellent finish, free of chatter marks and accurate positioning of the knives, thanks to the heavy-duty structure. The precise horizontal and vertical copy shoes have high-polished chrome plated surfaces that provides a scratch resistant surface for delicate materials. The buffing station includes two independent motors for cleaning and polishing the edge. The motors are tilted, and vertically adjustable to optimize the polishing and cleanliness.

Included with the machine configuration is the wood strip loader that automatically feeds banding (up to 3mm) and wood edge strips (up to 5mm) pre-loaded into the device.

Designed for a Perfect Finish
The very best finishing of the panel edge is also guaranteed  by the panel conveying track (exclusive solution), which prevents the panel having the feed affected by the typical pulses generated by the pinion of a traditional feed track and ensures a smooth and linear panel movement.
Always Precise when Cutting
Absolute precision offered by the unit, with a cutter and an independent asynchronous.
Simple and Intuitive
Error-free machining is ensured by the control panel positioned on the front of the machine, that allows an easy selection of all the main functions, among them, the operating units switching on and off. The PLC guides the operator during maintenance, cleaning, diagnostic operations, etc.

Perfect Radius on PVC/ABS Edges
High finishing quality of plastic material edges thanks to the radius knives that ensure the complete elimination of any marks left from the rimming unit tools, all equipped with front and vertical copiers and a user-friendly device for exclusion of the unit when it is not in use.


- Control panel on machine infeed side
- Machine frame made of high rigidity ribbed steel to guarantee an excellent support for the operating units
- Top thick steel pressure beam with rubber coated wheels
- Exclusive feed belt system
- Manual adjustment of top beam with automatic positioning of the operating units to the selected panel thickness
- Numeric indicator of the selected panel thickness
- Wood strip loading device
- Glue smoke-specific exhaust outlet; centralized extraction of the other dusts
- Panel support roller which can be extended on the entire length of the machine
- Safety enclosure
- Electrical cabinet with PLC, padlockable main switch and overload protection
- Emergency push buttons
- Scraping unit (cutter radius 3mm)
- Buffing unit (two independent motors – 2,800 rpm)
- Kit to process 5mm strips
- Adjustable infeed fence with numeric readout
- Automatic lowering of the glue pot temperature after temporary non-usage

Minimax ME 25E
Work table dimensions mm 2600 x 530
Min. - max. thickness of rolled edges mm 0.4 - 3
Max. thickness of edges in strips mm 5
Min. - max. panel height mm 12 - 50
Min. panel length/width mm 190/65
Feed speed m/min 7

Banding thickness: 0.4 - 3mm (.016” - 0.12”)
Max. thickness of banding in strips: 5mm (.20”)
Panel thickness: 12mm – 50mm (.47” – 1.96”)
Min. – Max. panel height using edge scraping unit: 16mm – 50mm (.63” – 1.96”)
Minimum panel length/width with rolled edges: 190mm / 65mm (7.48” / 2.56”)
Minimum panel length (frontal end cutting only): 120mm (4.72”)
Working table dimensions: 2600 x 530mm (102.4” x 20.9”)
Working table height: 904mm (35.6”)
Feed motor power: 0.7 Hp (.55 kW)
Feed speed: 7 m/min (23 ft/min)
Operating temperature: (68°F - 374°F) 20°C - 190°C
Motor power: 0.24 Hp (.18 kW)
Glue capacity: 1.76 lbs. (.8 kg)
Motor power: 0.5 Hp (.37 kW)
End cutting blade: Ø 90mm Z20
Blade rotation speed: 12,000 rpm
Motor power: 1 Hp (.75 kW)
End cutting blade: Ø 75mm Z4
Cutters rotation speed: 9,000 rpm
Motor power (each): 0.18 Hp (.14 kW)
Brush rotation speed: 2,800 rpm
Electrical: Single-phase, 230v
Compressed air requirement: 6.5 bar
Exhaust outlet diameter (base): 4.72” (120mm)
Exhaust outlet diameter (glue pot): 2.36” (60mm)
Recommended duty cycle: 3 – 4 hours
Shipping weight: 1149 lbs.


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