Minimax LS 2500

by Minimax

Belt sander with double gooseneck for craftsmen and professional workshops.


Excellent stability and high precision without vibrations, with the heavy duty structure. Maximum machining comfort with the perfect carriage sliding and with all the controls easy-to-use and located within easy reach of the operator. Clean and healthy working environment, thanks to the two dust exhaust hoods.

Technical data

LS 2500
Worktable length (standard) 2500 / 8.2 mm / ft
Worktable width 1100 / 3.6 mm / ft
Worktable vertical stroke 580 / 23 mm / inches
Belt speed (two speed) 29 / 59 fps
Gooseneck depth 820 / 32 mm / inches
Three-phase main motor 4.8 Hp
Three-phase table lifting motor 0.6 Hp
Table Dimensions 98.4 x 43 inches
Belt length 279 inches

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