SCM CNC Timber Frame Oikos X Machine

by SCM

Oikos X is the new SCM machining centre designed specifically for the timber construction industry, a symbol of the perfect combination of accuracy and productivity.

The new 6-axis symmetrical machining head unit has been designed to perform all the machining operations necessary for the production of structural beams, wall panels and insulating panels with maximum speed and top quality. Its perfect symmetry allows processing both ends of each element in minimum overhang conditions.

The sturdy structure of the machining centre ensures the optimal absorption of the stresses deriving from the element processing, guaranteeing a high constant precision over time. The machine base fixed directly to the ground, without the need of building work, increases the machine stability and performance.

Cutting-edge technical solutions also for the containment of dust and for the management of machining waste. The presence of casings with automatic closing, combined with the efficiency of the removal system, allows physically separating the work area from the external environment, eliminating machine downtime due to the rehabilitation of the work environment.

Maestro Beam&Wall is the software designed and developed by SCM making the machine programming and use simple and intuitive, compatible with the most common CAD design programs used in the sector. With Maestro Beam&Wall it is easy to manage complex projects developed as nesting processing for the construction of modular structures.

Workpiece length with automatic loading max.
19000 mm
Cross section for machining on 6 sides max.
1250 x 300 mm
Workpiece loadable weight max.
4000 kg
Electrospindle power
13 kW - 25 kW
Tool store
18 positions
Saw blade diameter
up to 600 mm

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