Pack C90-100 Packaging Line Machine

by SCM

Automatic solution for the product packaging starting from a die-cutted cardboard foil (FEFCO 410 code) and the product manually positioned on the machine roller conveyor.
Thanks to the automatic dimension change setup, it is possible to manufacture packages with variable-sized boxes, placed in sequence on the roller conveyor. Such machines are suitable for manufacturers of flat-packed furniture.

HOT MELT is the technology for the closing of the boxes which ensures high quality packaging standards constant over time.

STAND-ALONE STATION OR TO BE INTEGRATED in complete packaging lines. It can be integrated into fully automatic production lines with 3D product dimensions reading, automatic cut of the tear-off and cardboard box wrapping and palletizing.

AUTOMATIC READING OF THE BOX DIMENSIONS, to adapt the process to the production requirements, starting from the large-scale to the small dimension batches down to the batch 1 manufacturing.

  pack c 90 pack c 100
Max. productivity (batch production*)
* the value is calculated for boxes with L=1200 mm
No.  7 8
Min. box length  (external sizes) mm/sec. 400 400
Max. box length (external sizes) mm/sec. 2900 2400
Min. box height (external sizes) mm 40 25
Max. box height (external sizes) mm 250 250
Min. box depth  mm 300 250
Max. box depth mm 1050 1050
Installed power (absorption) A 20 35
Box weight kg 1600 3020

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