Peanut 1 Connectors - Box of 1000 (22¢ Each)

SKU IFP190101000

The Peanut 1 connector is designed for manufacturers who have 3+ axis CNC nesting machines for 90º connections. With alternative applications of edge-to-edge connections as well.

The recess of the connector and the corresponding key hole are all machined on the face of the panel. As only face machining is required, manufacturers create all panels for furniture in one machining operation. The body shape is designed for fast machining, requiring only a 25mm and 5mm drill bit to create the recess for the connector. Bevelled edges make aligning the PEANUT 1 easy and the small 5mm notch guides the component into the perfect position. The PEANUT 1 is available in 8 colors, enabling it to blend with many wood finishes. Once inserted, all panels made with PEANUT® components can be packed flat and depending on the tightness of the joint, can be assembled with no tools.

Available Sizes: Box of 1,000 (22¢ per)


  • A self-clamping, single component connector
  • Only one CNC machining process
  • Creates an incredibly strong joint
  • Designed from glass fibre many times
  • Quick and simple assembly


Technical Specs

Brand: Peanut

Material: Glass-Fiber Reinforced Nylon

Insertion Type: Dismountable

Finishes: Pure White (RAL 9010), Signal White (RAL 9003), Telegrey (RAL 7047), Fawn Brown (RAL 9007), Jet Black (RAL 9005)

Peanut 1 Technical Spec Sheet

 1. Machining

Machine your PEANUT 1 holes with the Peanut 1 Drill Pack (5mm hole first, then 25mm hole) and PEANUT CNC Slots with the Peanut Cutter.

2. Insert the PEANUT 1

Use a mallet or hammer to insert the PEANUT 1 flush.

3. Join your furniture

Simply connect your furniture together.

Peanut 1 Connector Video

Inserting the New Peanut 1 Connector Video

Making a Cabinet using only the Peanut 1 Connectors Video

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