RazorGage AngleMaster


 This is a semi-automatic programmable saw system that automatically adjusts to cut your leading and trailing angle. The AngleMaster software with integrated AutoList, combine to make this happen effortlessly and with a high degree of accuracy.


Safety is important. The operator must clear the cut part and drop before using the touch screen interface to trigger the RazorGage to advance the material for the next cut. After ensuring that the clamps are not in the path of the saw blade and the blade has automatically rotated to the proper angle, the operator uses the two-hand anti-tie down buttons to cycle the saw. This unique safety feature protects operators and prevents potential accidents.



· Windows Tower PC operation on a large, color touch-screen monitor.

· Download cutlists directly to the RazorGage PC via WiFi or Ethernet.

· Store 1000s of cutlists, optimize, sort cutlists into 1000s of groups according to multiple criteria, and much more.

· Label printer option available.

· Saw System comes standard PVC table top – Optional steel or PVC rollers available.

· Optional articulated material pusher mounted gripper.

· Blade mist lubrication standard for cutting Aluminum.



AngleMaster Auto90 Software

Other companies don’t tell you this but problems occur when trying to cut angled parts in an automatic pusher mode. In most applications, 80% of the parts going through the saw are cut at 90°. That’s why RazorGage developed the AngleMaster Auto90 software. Upon opening the cutlist, it sorts the parts into groups. When it encounters a group in which all the angles are 90°, it runs that group in full auto mode. When there are parts with different angles in a group, it runs in semi-auto mode so that the operator can clear pesky drops prone to jamming the machine.

AngleMaster Auto90 Software has to be requested for an additional cost to the Anglemaster System.



Accurate Angels: 22° to 160°

Motor Specs: 5.5 hp available in 230 or 460Vac 3-phase

Power Source: 230 VAC, 3-phase or 460 VAC, 3-phase

Exhaust Port: Two 4" diameter (102 mm) requiring 600

Compressed Air: Requires 80 – 120 psi at 5 cfm

Arbor: 50 mm

Blade: 600mm x 132T

Blade Lubrication: One gallon coolant tank with mist lubrication

Clamping: Two horizontal and two vertical pneumatic clamps

Push Force: 200 lb at 10 inches per second

Max Speed: 40 inches per second

Stock Length Capacity: Up to 56 feet

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