RazorGage Automatic Pusher System

  • Download cutlists directly to the RazorGage PC via Ethernet, WiFi or USB drive.
  • Optimize at the machine or run pre-optimized lists from most popular software.
  • Optionally print paper labels or inkjet print directly on the parts.
  • Sort cutlists right at the machine.
  • Includes the revolutionary Cyclone Upcut Saw made in America by RazorGage.
  • Select solid PVC over steel table top, PVC rollers or steel rollers.
  • RazorGage solid state PC - running Windows 8.1Pro
  • Includes 21” Color LCD Multi-Touch Screen .
  • Optional articulated pusher mounted gripper.
  • Aluminum cutting option includes Dual Mist Blade Lubricator. Front to back adjustable top clamp accessory also available.

AutoList Package includes Parts List Processor cut list management software allowing you to map nearly any comma, semi-colon, or tab separated text file for downloading to the RazorGage. Cutlists from your design software can be merged, edited, or simply sent directly to the machine. You can even send different parts to different machines automatically! Once at the machine parts are sorted into groups for your operator to select. Pre-optimized cutlists are grouped according to bar number. As parts are cut their quantity is automatically decremented and are crossed off the list when their quantity reaches zero. The Qty+ button allows the operator to easily bring a part back alive or to simply adjust the quantity. The operator simply enters the length of clear material available and the AutoList finds the optimal cutting solution. Press GO, stand back, and watch the magic. Precision cut parts will begin queuing up on the outfeed table in no time flat! .

Technical Data

Motor Specs 7.5 hp (enclosed fan cooled) available in 208-230-460Vac 3-phase
Power Source 230 VAC, 3 phase, 30 Amps 460 VAC, 3 phase, 20 Amps
Exhaust Port Two 4" diameter (102 mm) requiring 600 cfm (17 m3 ) minimum for dry light materials. Other material may need higher velocity/pressure
Compressed Air Requires 80 psi (5.5 bar) at 5 cfm (0.14 m3 ) air filtered to 2.5 microns (oil and moisture free). Use industrial air dryer, rated for cfm (CM) flow. No lubrication required for air components. Air must be lubricant free.
Motor RPM Adjustable up to 3450
Arbor 1.000 inch
500 mm Blade for Wood 500mm x 120T x 1” Bore x 23°ATB/5°ASF x Plate .128 x Kerf .172
500mm Blade for Aluminum O/D 500mm or 19.68” x Kerf 3.5mm or .137” x Plate 3.0mm or .118” x Bore 25.4mm or 1.00” x Teeth 140 D Type Tip Grade Sash Pro X Expansion Slots Five.
24" Blade for Wood 24" Dia. x 144T x 1" Bore x 23°ATB/5°ASF x Hook 22° Plate.138 x Kerf.186
24" Blade for Aluminum 24" Dia. x 200 Teeth x 1" Bore x TCG x Hook 6° Plate.138 x Kerf.174


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