RazorGage Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw


The motor mount design 
Cyclone-600 motor mount internal assembly. The assembly is tilted (left portion of the table top is on the right). Note the substantial steel construction and the linear bearings!

Technical Data

Motor Specs 7.5 hp (enclosed fan cooled) available in 208-230-460Vac 3-phase
Power Source 230 VAC, 3 phase, 30 Amps 460 VAC, 3 phase, 20 Amps
Exhaust Port Two 4" diameter (102 mm) requiring 600 cfm (17 m3 ) minimum for dry light materials. Other material may need higher velocity/pressure
Compressed Air Requires 80 psi (5.5 bar) at 5 cfm (0.14 m3 ) air filtered to 2.5 microns (oil and moisture free). Use industrial air dryer, rated for cfm (CM) flow. No lubrication required for air components. Air must be lubricant free.
Motor RPM Adjustable up to 3450
Arbor 1.000 inch
500 mm Blade for Wood 500mm x 120T x 1” Bore x 23°ATB/5°ASF x Plate .128 x Kerf .172
500mm Blade for Aluminum O/D 500mm or 19.68” x Kerf 3.5mm or .137” x Plate 3.0mm or .118” x Bore 25.4mm or 1.00” x Teeth 140 D Type Tip Grade Sash Pro X Expansion Slots Five.
24" Blade for Wood 24" Dia. x 144T x 1" Bore x 23°ATB/5°ASF x Hook 22° Plate.138 x Kerf.186
24" Blade for Aluminum 24" Dia. x 200 Teeth x 1" Bore x TCG x Hook 6° Plate.138 x Kerf.174
Shipping Weight 975 lb



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