RazorGage ST-A


The RazorGage ST-A Android Automatic Saw Measuring System is built using all of the same CNC quality mechanical features used in all our ST configuration positioners, but without the full functionality of the RazorGage Windows application software.


When looking to improve the output and efficiency for your operations, the RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System offers the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability and long-lasting dependability.


This system features a hi-performance motion controller that reacts quickly to jambs, eliminating stretched belts. The carriage assembly features a Hiwin hardened & ground, linear bearing rail with 2 recirculating ball bearing blocks just like you see on CNC machining centers for near friction-free motion, maximum rigidity, accuracy and long life.

· Android interface on our superior positioner design. Intuitive operation, fraction keys, infinite hot keys.

• Send cutlists over WiFi or create on-screen.

• Uses the same linear bearings found on CNC machining centers.

• Near zero backlash planetary gearhead & drive pulley.

• 5 Year Belt Warranty.

• Available in any stroke up to 60’.

The Android’s large touch screen makes operator input fast, easy and intuitive. Fraction Keys, Unlimited Hot Keys, and the cutlist screen with kit quantity multiplication and sorting features, improve quality and productivity.


You can create your cutlists right at the machine or send a cutlist over a WiFi network. The Android tablet has tremendous storage capacity, so you will not be limited to saving only small cut lists. Furthermore, the cut lists can be restored to original quantities after use or even multiplied should you want to make several “kits” of parts at once.

Accuracy: ±.004” over 12 feet if calibrated with a capable measuring device.

Repeatability: 001”

Push Force: 200 lb at 10 ips

Max Speed: 55 ips

Power Required: 120 VAC / 10 Amps

Interface: Touchscreen

Networking: Wifi

Operating System: Android

Length: Available in 4-60 Foot Stroke

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