Spartan Red CNC EP 0 Grease for Central Bearings in 14-Ounce Tubes, 00F0906628F - Pack of 3

by SCM
SKU 00F0906628F

SLS Spartan Red CNC EP-0 Grease, the ultimate lubricant specifically designed for woodworking CNC machines. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and protection, this product ensures smooth operation and extends the lifespan of your CNC equipment. With its advanced formulation and convenient 14-ounce tubes, SLS Spartan Red CNC EP-0 Grease is the ideal choice for maintaining the peak efficiency of your woodworking operations.


  • Specialized CNC Lubrication: Red CNC EP-0 Grease is formulated with the unique requirements of woodworking CNC machines in mind. It provides optimal lubrication to critical components, such as linear guides, ball screws, and spindle bearings, ensuring their smooth movement and reducing friction.
  • Enhanced Protection: The EP-0 formulation of this grease offers excellent load-bearing capacity and anti-wear properties. It forms a protective film that shields metal surfaces from corrosion, oxidation, and premature wear, even under high pressure and heavy loads.
  • Temperature Stability: Red CNC EP-0 Grease is designed to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in woodworking CNC environments. It maintains its performance and consistency across a wide temperature range, from low to high, ensuring reliable lubrication in all operating conditions.

Color: Red

Size: 14oz Tubes, Pack of 3

Lubricant Type: Additized Petroleum Hydrocarbon Mixture

Suggested Application: Industrial Lubricant

Note: Always refer to the CNC machine manufacturer's guidelines and specifications for proper lubrication procedures.

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