RK Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors 15 HP In Stock / RK-15F-125T-D


RK 15HP Series - Fixed Speed Rotary Screw, Tank Mounted, with Integrated Refrigerated Dryer Package.




Brochure for RK Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors 5-50 HP

RK Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressors 5-50 HP

Belt Drive Design

Belt Drive Design – The belt drive design reduces vibration by eliminating gear sets and allows for convenient servicing of either the air end or motor. Also includes a tensioning mechanism that simplifies belt changes and tensioning.

WYE Delta Start

Wye Delta Start – The wye delta start is a method of reduced amperage startup that comes standard on all RK machines. It saves energy and increases the life of the drive components including the pump, motor, and drive belt.

Electronic Controller

Electronic Controller – The electronic controller allows for user friendly parameter modifications and running status monitoring. It comes standard on all RK machines and allows you to change load/unload pressures, off delay timers, wye-delta start times, monitor running temperatures, differential pressures across filtration, and much more!

Safety Switch

Safety Switch – The lock-out switch ensures safe servicing and power isolation when compressor is not in use.

Easily Removable Panels

Easily Removable Panels – With removable enclosure panels, the RK series units are easy to service in all areas (maintaining filtration and oil, or servicing one of the major components). This efficiency keeps downtime to a minimum.

Compact and Maneuverable

Compact and Maneuverable – This unit is compact in design and easy to maneuver, especially with the built in fork truck slots that come standard on all RK series air compressors for safe and easy rigging.

Ambient Air Filtration

Ambient Air Filtration – This washable and replaceable filter keeps your air compressor cleaner and cooler. Conveniently accessed from the front of the unit, this feature reduces maintenance and keeps your unit running at the ideal temperature.

Minimal Hose Design

Minimal Hose Design – The RK Series features a design that has the airend directly connected to the oil sump assembly. This eliminates multiple hoses and reduces the possibility of leakage. This design also improves the flow of oil and air.

Oversized Air Oil Separator Tank

Oversized Air-Oil Separator Tank – Oversized air-oil separator tank and element allows for effective, three-stage separation. Yields less than 3ppm oil carry over and less than 0.02 bar pressure drop. The highest air quality is assured with renowned Mann filtration.

Integrated Dryer Option

Integrated Dryer Option – Integrating the dryer into your compressor saves time, money, and floor space. RK fixed speed 5-20 HP compressors can come with an optional integrated dryer.

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