RK Variable Speed Drive Compressors 15-75 HP


The RK VSD 15-75 series air compressors are rotary screw type units in the mid-horsepower range. They are designed for energy efficiency and longevity.

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RK Variable Speed Drive Compressors 15-75 HP - Listing

Filtered Ventilation

Ambient Air Filtration – This washable and replaceable filter keeps your air compressor cleaner and cooler. Conveniently accessed from the front of the unit, this feature reduces maintenance and keeps your unit running at the ideal temperature.

Oversized Air-Oil Cooler

Oversized Air/Oil Cooler – Easy-to-access and oversized to allow for higher ambient operating temperatures

Spin-On Filtration

Spin-on Filtration – Spin-on air/oil separators and oil filtration allow for quick and effortless replacement

Condensate Trap

Condensate Trap – The standard condensate trap, located at the discharge of the air cooler removes bulk water. Includes electric solenoid drain valve.

Low RPM Air End Assembly

Low RPM Air End Assembly – The oversized air end assembly allows for a low RPM design which provides reduced maintenance, cooler running conditions, and an extended life expectancy.

Direct Drive Design

Direct Drive Design – Direct drive eliminates gear-sets which increases efficiency, reduces noise and vibration levels.

Integrated Oil Sump Tank

Integrated Oil Sump Tank – The oil sump tank is integrated directly with the air end, filtration, thermal valve, and MPCV. This compact design reduces hose connections and lessens the chance for oil leakage.

TEFC motor (totally enclosed fan-cooled)

TEFC motor (totally enclosed fan-cooled) – All RK-VSD units come standard with a TEFC motor. This feature protects the motor against dirty environments which increases bearing life and the overall longevity of the compressor.

RK Inverter

VSD Inverter – The inverter allows for unlimited motor starts per hour, consistent discharge pressure, soft motor starts, up to 85% turndown, and reduced power consumption. Unlike a fixed speed machine, KW consumption stays on par with your compressed air demand, resulting in significant energy savings.

RK Variable Speed Drive Compressors 15-75 HP - Efficiency-Load-Comparison-Graph

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