New Robopac Robot S7 Portable Stretch Wrapper

by RoboPac


The Robot S7 is a new range of self-propelled semi-automatic packaging machines. The Robot S7 portable stretch wrap machine includes the latest advanced technologies, the utmost attention to safety systems, a high level of packaging autonomy, and great work flexibility. This machine is built to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size and weight, using stretch film.

  • Can handle most load lengths and widths and any weight.
  • Recommended for any square or rectangular sized pallets.
  • Available with 86” or 110” maximum wrap height mast.
  • Easy to use thanks to the intuitive 7” touchscreen.
  • Cube technology will reduce your film usage by 30% to 55%, your load containment and reduce potential product damage.
  • Power Drive system via brushless motors ensures 20% saving on power consumption, extending battery life to 250 pallets per charge.
  • Automatic switch-off system after 30 minutes of Robot S7’s standby.
  • Instant Load System (ILS) threads your film faster than ever; close the door on the film carriage and you are ready to wrap.
  • The portability of the Robot S7 can deliver 25% productivity improvement with order picked warehouse applications with minimal impact to your current processes.
  • The LED blue safety beacon light comes standard for both models.
  • The Robot S7 with 86” wrap height has R-Connect as an optional available feature, while the 110” mast version includes R-Connect standard.

Robot S7 Specifications

Performance Criteria

Production Speed: Up to 30 LPH

Rotation Speed: Variable from 1-3 miles/hr.

Cycle Expectancy: 200 – 250 loads / battery charge

Load Handling System

Maximum Load Dimensions: Unlimited L x Unlimited W x 86” or 110” H

Minimum Load Dimensions: 24” L x 24” W x 20” H

Maximum Load Weight: Unlimited

Minimum Load Weight: 200 lbs.

Film Delivery System

Variable: 0 – 500%

Containment Force: Multi Level Variable

Film Width: 20” or 30”

Height Sensing: Infrared photocell

Film threading: Patented S-Pattern

Corner Compensation: Load Cell

Safety Features

Pressure sensitive bumper with E-Stop

LED blue beacon

UL and CE Compliant

Utility Requirements

Charging System: 120V, 1Ph, 2.4 AMP, 60 Hz

Battery: 24V Battery System

Warranty: 1 Year


The control panel with color touch screen allows you to create up to 12 programs (+12 with Multilevel Control) in a simple and intuitive way.


Carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 0% up to 500%.


Cube Technology allows the best load stabilization with the minimum quantity of film. It delivers the right amount of film at the exactly the right containment force.

  • Reduces product damage by 40%
  • Reduces film cost by 35% to 55%
  • Improves load containment


A technologically advanced monitoring system that combines innovation and connection, allowing complete control of the operation of the machines and a total support to the final costumer.

  • Max Production
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Downtime Reduction
  • Plug & Play
  • Industry 4.0

Robopac Robot S7 Brochure


Production Rate

Up to 30 loads per hour, based on 48L”x 40W”x 60H” loads

Cycle Expectancy

Up to 250 loads wrapped

Minimum Load Dimensions

24”Lx 24”W x 20”H, and 200 lbs

Maximum Load Dimension

Unlimited Length and Width, and 86”/110” Height

Maximum Load Weight


Temperature Operating Range

Between 41°F and 104°F. Cold Package option available for temperatures as low as 23°F.


CUBE Technology

Multi-Level Control: pre-stretch and load tensioning control for 9 separate positions of the load

Strategic Film Placement: place film on 9 different positions where it has the most impact on load stability and containment

Reactive Corner Compensation: latest in motor and load cell technologies to wrap any load securely without corner damage


Remote Machine Monitoring and Film Consumption Tracking. Eliminate Downtime by Troubleshooting your Machines.      Programmed Diagnostic: 24 hours a day, 7 days a Week.


Variable 0% to 500%

Load Height Sensing

Automatic Height Detection via Infrared Photocell for Light/Dark Loads


Automatic Film-Cut Off

Automatically cuts film at end of wrap cycle


24V Battery pack (2x12V Lead Acid)

Standard onboard 110V battery charger

Battery Charging Time

6-8 hours for a complete charge


Effective Load Wrap Height

86”/110” (standard)


Control Panel

7” Touch Screen Control Panel, with CUBE Technology

Wrapping Menus

12 Independent Programmable Menus


Emergency Stop on Control Panel

Film Carriage Speed and Positioning

Control on 9 Positions, with Manual Up/Down Jog Capability

Wrap Counters

Top/Bottom separately, and Reinforcement Wraps

Robot Speed

Variable from 1 to 3 mph


Machine Warranty

1 year

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