RSP Fixed Speed Compressors 40-450 HP


Air Intake Filter

Air Intake Filter – Heavy duty, dry-type air intake filter enhances air quality before it touches the main components of the machine. This lengthens the lifetime of the compressor. The element is conveniently accessible when it needs to be replaced.

RSPV - Direct Drive

Direct Drive – The RSP Compressor is flange mounted to the motor C-face for positive alignment and direct drive. This design offers lower maintenance and repair.

RSPV - VSD Fan Motor

Fan Motor – Dedicated fan motor ensures optimum airflow for proper temperature control. Safety shutdown feature is enabled when cooling fan power is interrupted.

RSPV - Oversized Air End

Oversized Air End – Oversized air end allows for low RPM and leads to an extended lifetime for the unit.

RSPV - Main VSD Motor

Electric Motor – The 208/230/460/575 three phase electric motor is a T-frame with a C-face flange. It is an induction type, open drip-proof design with squirrel cage cooling. TEFC motors are available on all models as an option.

RSPV - Cooling System - Updraft Model

Cooling System – Updraft Model – The design of the cooling system is an updraft design that allows hot air to be recovered or exhausted through the top of the compressor. It has a large side-by-side oil cooler and after-cooler for easy cleaning.

Automatic Drain Valve

Automatic Drain Valve – This automatic drain valve removes condensate from the moisture separator trap at the discharge of the after-cooler.

Large Separator Tank

Large Separator Tank – Features an ASME coded 200PSIG separator tank with a relief and a minimum pressure check valve. Connected to a high efficiency single stage air/oil separator element.

Enclosure Panels

Enclosure Panels – This option allows for increased protection of compressor parts, leading to a longer lifespan. Enclosure panels also make the unit quieter than it already is. All panels are easy to remove for servicing.

Electronic Controller

Electronic Controller – Pressure Schedule allows you to program your daily operating schedule and allows shut off during factory shut down up to 28 different times per week. The built-In Sequencer works with up to 7 VFD or NON-VFD compressors. Load/Unload Mode of Operation is easily programmed to suit you plant pressure requirements. Analog Output can be used for remote starting or stopping and alarm notifications. E-Stop Safety shuts the compressor down in emergency conditions.

Protective Devices

Protective Devices – Standard protective devices on the RSP Series include:: Class 20 solid state overload relay, high discharge temperature switch, high pressure shutdown switch, anti-start pressure switch (prevents starting while air compressor is pressurized), and anti-reversing control (protects against reverse rotation).

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