Schmalz Ergo 85 Vacuum Lifter with Gorbel Jib Crane

by Schmalz

Schmalz Jumbo Ergo 85



  • Jumbo Ergo 85 Base Unit with 185 lb lift capacity.
  • Handle Valve Pipe - 20"
  • Double vacuum gripper
  • VSL/G 50 PVC vacuum hose - 50'
  • Suction Hose Joint
  • Protective motor switch

Handle Valve Pipe


Double Vacuum Gripper

Type: DG-85-1200-SPT245x145 NBR-40
Maximum load: 85 kg
Cross-beam length (long.) LL: 1200 mm
Gripper height: 120 mm
Suct. cups: Suction plate SPT
Suction cup length Ls: 245 mm
Suction cup width Bs: 145 mm
for: Jumbo
Sealing material: Nitrile rubber
Material hardness: 40 °Sh
Colour: RAL 7035 Light grey


VSL/G 50 PVC vacuum hose - 50'


Type: 5 1 m m I D f o r u s e w i
Suction hose VSL/G 50 PE
for Tube lifter JumboErgo/Sprint
Polyethylene with ID 51 mm
Length: 50 ft
Qty of 1 pc results in one 50 ft roll
Qty of 2 pc results in two 50 ft rolls
(material produced in 50 ft sections)

Suction Hose Joint

Type: R e d u c e r : V S L 5 0 H o s
Suction Hose Connector for Jumbo.
Connects 50 mm ID hose to
blower, dust filter and lift tube.

Protective motor switch

Type: w i t h 6 - 1 0 a m p a d j u
Protective motor switch for 3phase motor
with 6-10 amp adjustable rating and
outer enclosure box.
For SB-M blower at 440-480V / 575V 3PH
and SB-L blower at 575V

Gorbel Jib Crane

Gorbel model WSJ360-250-10-16

Gorbel WSJ360-250-10-16 freestanding jib crane
with 360° rotation, 250 lb capacity, 16 ft span,
and 10 ft height under boom. Includes festoon trolleys.
Anchor bolts are not included.


Type: c a p a c i t y .
Jumbo Ergo 85 Base Unit with 185 lb lift

JUMBO ERGO 85 with 185 lb non-porous lifting
capacity complete with:
- Automatically activated valve system
to "lock on" to work piece. User-friendly
"motorcycle twist-grip" for variable speed
control of the system.
- 4.8 HP standard SB-M direct drive blower:
Electrical requirements 208-230/460V-3PH-60Hz.
Also available with 575V motor for Canada.
Blower with 110 CFM airflow, 14.7" Hg suction,
UL, CSA and CE approved.
- 7.0" diameter lift tube, reinforced with 12 ga
wire and PVC material. 69" lifting stroke.
Standard adjustable "hovering height" control.
Non-return safety valve contains vacuum in
case of power failure allowing load to safely
descend before release. 360 degree rotation
on bearing-mounted top swivel.
High gloss gray powder-coat finish.
- Blue nylon protective tube cover.
- STF2-P4.5 heavy-duty dust filter.
IS SUBMITTED (208V, 230V OR 460V)


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