SCM Olimpic K560 HP Edgebander

by SCM


K 560HP

Anti Adhesive, Premill, End Trim, T/B Trim (4 axis servo), Corner Rounding (2 axis servo), Profile Scrape (4 axis servo), Glue Scrape, Buff


Anti Adhesive, Premill, AirFusion, End Trim, T/B Trim (4 axis servo), Corner Rounding (2 axis servo), Profile Scrape (4 axis servo), Glue Scrape, Buff


K560 HP

-New Series of Machines
-8mm Capacity
-60mm Panel Thickness
-40/60 FPM Feed Track
-Upgraded Work Units


High performance and versatility: olimpic k 560 is designed for companies requiring to process many panels per day even though they may be different from one to another. olimpic k 560 has several solutions that guarantee always the best machining on any panel type


Air cushion table placed at the machine entry & 200 mm longer entry guide

Placed at the machine entry, it facilitates the insertion and handling  of the panels, especially when they are of larger dimensions. 

Table Dimension 1600 X 600 mm

200 mm longer entry guide and shorter panel support in order to bring the air cushion table closer to the presser of the machine to facilitate the panel insertion


EYE M Controller with 21.5" Touch Screen

  • Maestro Pro-Edge PC Controller
  • 21.5” High Resolution Touch Screen
  • Unlimited Number of Working Programs
  • Provides Diagnostic, Maintenance and Production Information
  • LED Light Bar to Indicate Machine Status
  • Available in mm’s or inches
  • Available in 5 languages


Delicate Edge Unit

  • Located just after the last pressure roller
  • Prevents damaging delicate banding with or without a protective film


Edge Finishing Unit

  • Located just before the glue scraper
  • Designed to provide maximum quality finish on high gloss edgebanding


Smart Glue Pot (SGP) Allows for use of EVA or PUR glue. 

  • SGP-E Glue Pot
  • Standard on the HP ERT
  • 1.5 Kg Capacity
  • Manual Dosage with Graduated Knob
  • Manual Purge for PUR and EVA Glue

Servo Driven Top & Bottom Trimmers

  • Four Axis Servo Positioning
  • Able to Process Two Different Radii (2mm / 1mm)
  • Independently Controlled
  • Quick Change / Disconnect motors
  • Top/Bottom/Side Copy Wheels



Duty Cycle:
5-6 Hours of Production Per Day
Capacities / Feed Speeds / Panel Thickness:
8mm / 40/60 fpm / 60mm

Edge thickness mm 0,4 - 8
Panel thickness mm 8 - 60
Feed speed m/min 12-18
Compressed air bar 6

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