Spiror 1600 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

by RoboPac

Horizontal automatic wrapping machine with rotating ring. Diameter rotating ring 63 inches.

We’re excited to further complete the full range of turntables by adding a high-performance industrial product and the ability to protect the product while reducing film waste, thanks to the PROD 01 PGS roll carriage.

PROD 01 is the ideal solution for those who need high-level of performance, yet still want an simple, easy to use interface. The new graphic display with icons and jog dial s can be easily and quickly programmed.

Ring Size 63
RPM 75
Feed Speed Variable
Load Capacity  
Machine Structure  
Film Delivery System  
Standard Film Width 20-Oct
Operator Interface  
Utility Requirements  
Safety Features  


Customizable Layout
Manual or Automated Operation
Material Handling Conveyor
Self Centering Devices
Specialty Product Bridge
Specialty Product Hold Downs
Low Packaging Cost
Accommodates Flexible Packaging

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