19.7" x 115 ga x 4000' SteelFlex Machine Film, APMW20115 - 40 Rolls, Free Shipping


19.7" x 115 ga x 4000' Machine Film, Ships within 2 - 3 Weeks

SteelFlex is designed for a variety of machine film applications. This stretch wrap film has excellent pre-stretch, puncture, and load retention. SteelFlex machine film provides a great combination of performance and value.

Price per a Roll: $68.53 (includes shipping)


  • Very versatile film for most applications
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Consistent load-holding force
  • Excellent clarity with quiet unwind


  • 19.7" Roll width
  • 4,000' Roll length
  • 115 Gauge
  • Recommended for A, B, & C type pallet loads
  • 36.2 lbs. per a roll

Full Pallet Information

  • Free US Shipping for full pallet orders
  • 40 Rolls per a pallet
  • 1,448 lbs. per a pallet



SteelFlex Machine Film Brochure

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