Superfici Airblade Dryer


Linear dryer that uses hot and high-speed air. Thanks to the fast-drying cycle it is ideal for drying of water lacquers and colors. The preheated air is fed into a manifold which feeds a series of air blades that hit the panel with knocking air perpendicular to the surface of the piece. In the dryer, infrared lamps alternating with the air blades can be integrated in order to speed up the drying process.

Aerospace,  Antique and rustic furniture,  Automotive,  Bathroom furniture,   Coffins, External doors and windows, glass windows, Flat pack furniture, Flooring,  Furniture components,  Garden & outdoor furniture,  Gunstocks and carved parts, Home furniture, Interior doors and door posts,  Kitchen furniture,  Marine,  Motorhomes,  Offices, shops and hotels furniture,  Packaging,  Small objects, sport and toys, Tables and chairs,  Waved parts, Wooden houses and walls

EFFICIENCY: the particular construction of the manifold allows an optimal heat exchange and the drying is homogeneous along the whole piece.

FLEXIBILITY: possibility of installing infrared lamps at different wavelengths spaced out with the blades for a mixed irradiation and hot air action. Air speed adjustable by damper or inverter.

ENERGY SAVING: energy saving through air recirculating system.

dryer length

from 3000 to 6000 mm.

working width

1300 mm.

max. air temperature


air speed at the blades

approx. 12 m/sec.

IR lamps type

                               IRM o IRS

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