Superfici Contivert ETC Vertical Dryer


Vertical dryer with carpet trays used where it is necessary to guarantee a hot air drying with a long drying time in the dryer (from 15 minutes to a few hours), typically in automatic painting lines with spraying application systems and / or to curtain coaters.

Aerospace,  Antique and rustic furniture,  Automotive,  Bathroom furniture,   Coffins, External doors and windows, glass windows, Flat pack furniture, Flooring,  Furniture components,  Garden & outdoor furniture,  Gunstocks and carved parts, Home furniture, Interior doors and door posts,  Kitchen furniture,  Marine,  Motorhomes,  Offices, shops and hotels furniture,  Painting,  Waved parts, Wooden houses and walls

QUALITY: Drying parameters controlled.

ENERGY SAVING: Controlled ventilation system that allows a better manage of the air flow recirculation in order to optimize the recovery of the heat generated.

FAST: Thanks to the controlled ventilation, which reduces the required drying time compared to drying in the environment, ensuring optimal conditions of filtered air to minimize wastes. The dryer is generally divided into a drying zone, two temperature-controlled drying zones and one cooling zone.

SPACE SAVING: Possibility to obtain long drying times in reduced spaces, exploiting the accumulation of the pieces vertically, developing the dryer in height.


ETC 2/2

ETC 3/2

ETC 4/2

ETC 4/4

no. of chambers

2 tray chambers 

2 tray chambers and  1 distance chamber

2 tray chambers and 2 distance chambers

4 tray ch 

no. of  zones

4 ventilating   zones 

4 ventilating zones

4 ventilating zones

4 ventilating   zones 

no. of  trays

from 30 to 62 

from 32 to 62

from  34 to 62

from 56 to 114 

tray clearance  mm.





tray length  mm.





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