Techniks, CNC Toolholder Tightening Stand for HSK63A/E/F, CAT40, BT40, C6, ISO40 Tapers, 17846B

SKU TK17846B

CNC Top Mount Roller Bearing Tightening Stand for the following tapers:

HSK-63F, HSK-63A, HSK-63E, BT-40, ISO-40, & CAT-40

Technik's CNC Roller Bearing Tightening Stand, 17846B is a versatile tool designed for CAT40, BT40, HSK63A/E/F, C6, and ISO40 tapers. Its innovative auto-locking roller bearing design enhances efficiency by facilitating faster tool changes and eliminating the risk of slippage, ensuring precision and reliability in machining operations. With its compatibility across multiple taper types, it streamlines the setup process for various machining applications, making it an indispensable asset for modern manufacturing environments.

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