Waxilit 22-30P Paste Lubricant

by Acmos


Is a silicone-free lubricant paste produced specifically for enhancing the performance of woodworking machinery. Designed for use on contact surfaces where wood slides over metal, it excels in reducing sliding friction, facilitating smoother material feed, and enhancing cutting precision. This versatile paste is ideal for various woodworking machinery components. Additionally, it efficiently prevents glue residue from squeezing out in joining applications. 

Perfect for slid rails, hinges, drawers, saw blades, cutters, and veneer jointing machines operating with adhesive paper tape, Waxilit 22-30P offers unparalleled performance. It should be applied manually using a brush or cloth, as it is not compatible with pump machines.

WAXILIT 22-30P Features:

  • Silicone-free formula ensures no greasy residue affecting post-treatment
  • Provides an excellent non-sticking lubricating effect
  • Paste lubricant for application with brush or cloth
  • Used on older machines that are not equipped with an automatic lubrication system


*Due to the Hazardous Material classification of this product, an additional hazmat shipping fee will be applied for transport*

Application: Paste - Brush | Wipe On. Apply a thin layer onto the machine top or components. Then lightly buff with a cloth. Reapply weekly, adjusting frequency based on production needs.

Recommended Uses: Supporting surfaces on saws, planers, feed surfaces on moulders, slide rails, hinges, drawers, saw blades, cutters, and veneer jointing machines operating with adhesive paper tape.

Classified as Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping: Solids Containing Flammable Liquid

Available Container Amounts:

Kg: 1 (Qty 12 Sold by Case) | 20 | (2-pack) 40 

Gallons: 0.4 (Qty 12 Sold by Case) | 7 | (2-pack) 14



Waxilit 22-30P is a pasty release agent.

The paste does not contain any silicones.


Can be applied only with a brush or cloth. Do NOT pour into automatic pumps (danger of blockage). Hence always use only manually. No Spot formation. There have been no reports of trouble during subsequent staining, varnishing or gluing. Likewise highly suitable for treatment of slide rails, hinges, drawers, saw blades, cutters and veneer jointing machines operating with an adhesive paper tape.

Call in and ask for WAXILIT 22-40D for plastics sliding surfaces.

Physical and chemical properties:

Form: Paste

Appearance: Brown

Smell: Characteristic

Density at 20°C: 0.75 g/cm³ DIN 51757


Storage temperature: between 10°C and 30°C


Protect from heat and cold. Do not store outside, keep away from sources of ignition.

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