Danlist Dowel Drilling Machine AFP 2500

by Danlist

AFP 2500 is the ideal, high quality, Danish made automatic dowel drilling machine for the production which requires high flexibility and quick set up times.
The PLC has a memory up to 99 different programs, each containing 18 drilling positions. The number of programs can be extended. It has a simple and operator friendly design with extremely high up time. AFP 2500 is built to last.

The AFP 2500 is standard delivered with:
• 1 drilling unit from the top
• 1 drilling unit from the side
• 1 automatic programmable pusher
• Magazine

Dimensions of items (guidelines, can be custom made)
• Length of items, max. 2500 mm
• Length of items, min. 200 mm
• Width of items, max. 140 mm
• Width of item, min. 10 mm
• Boring depth, max. 100 mm

• Robot.
• Sawing / cutting units.
• Servomotor for sideways positioning of drilling unit.
• Extra boring units from top, side, bottom or ends.

Main features:
• Easy and quick setup.
• Automatic stand-by position when magazine is empty.
• Setup time less than 2 min.
• Touch screen.
• 99 different programs each containing 18 different drilling positions – more can be added.
• Built to last.
• CE certified.


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