20" x 3250' Closed Hole, Vented Machine Film, APVF203250CH - 40 Rolls, Free Shipping


20" x 3,250' Closed Hole Vented Machine Film with 250% Pre-Stretch

Steelflex Airforce Open Films offer breathable load containment with power bands that offer incredible strength and stabilization. Steelflex Airforce Open Films are ideal for chilled or frozen products. Dairy products, ice cream, floral, meat, fish, and frozen snacks are excellent applications.

Pre-Stretch: Elongates the film to provide great yield to the machine film.

Closed Hole: Slight perforations that are partially covered and become visible when the wrap is stretched

Price per a roll: $134.58 (includes shipping)


  • Reduced Load Cost
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • Ultra High Performance Film
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Ultra High Clarity
  • Premium Puncture Resistance
  • Remarkable Load Retention


  • 20" Wide Stretch Wrap
  • 3,250' Roll length
  • 250% stretch Closed Hole (Slight Perforations)
  • Recommended for any applications that need minor ventilation
  • Allows air into the pallet load to prevent moisture build up and prevent mold and spoilage

Full Pallet Information

  • Free US Shipping for full pallet orders
  • 40 Rolls per a pallet

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