20" x 80 ga x 5000' Titanium Heavy Containment Force Machine Film, APTM205080 - 40 Rolls, Free Shipping

SKU APTM205080

20" x 80 ga x 5000' Titanium Machine Film, Heavy Containment Force

Steelflex Titanium utilizes the patent pending Power Bands. Extreme force will be applied to loads to contain heavy, awkward, and hard to wrap pallets. Excellent for replacing heavy gauge film and film reduction. If Steelflex Titanium can’t wrap it, it can’t be wrapped at all! Steelflex Titanium is available in three different strengths: 80, 120, and 150 gauges.

Price per a roll: $120.43 (includes shipping)


  • Eliminate film breaks
  • Crystal clear optics
  • Ultra-high performance film
  • Unmatched load containment
  • Reduced film usage
  • Controls the toughest loads


  • 20" Wide Stretch Wrap
  • 5000' Roll length
  • 80 Gauge
  • Recommended for Type C Pallet Loads, Unstable Loads or up to 5,000 lbs. pallets
  • Heavy Duty Machine Film 

Full Pallet Information

  • Free US Shipping for full pallet orders
  • 40 Rolls per a pallet

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