WSI Aireworks Plastic Dust Collection Bags - Qty 50 Per Box

SKU WSI395865


Airework's Plastic Dust Collection Bags for the Aireworks FX Series Duct Collectors, a roll of 50 bags.

Each bag is made from a durable and tough 6.5 mil thick high-quality plastic, made from a special blend of LDPE that makes the film very puncture and tear resistant. Ideal for capturing larger dust particles and debris that is created when working with dust collectors. This allows you to work without having to worry about accidental tears or rips while the dust collector runs or when off-loading the dust collection bags.

Extremely durable, these bags are intended for industrial use and are capable of handling larger volumes over longer periods of time. Our dust collections bags are compatible with other popular brands that fit a 24" diameter outlet such as the Aireworks FX series dust collectors.


  • Ø 24" x 58" Bag Dimensions
  • Fits a 24" Diameter Outlet
  • Durable 6.5 mil thickness

Quantity: One Roll Contains 50 Bags

Compatible with: Aireworks FX Series of dust collectors.

Reasons to switch to our dust collection bags

  • Thick and durable filter bags of 6.5 mil, won’t tear like standard thinner bags.
  • Easier to remove and handle a thicker bag from the dust collector than a flimsy, thin bag.
  • Clear plastic lets you easily identify when the bag is full and ready for disposal.
  • Plastic bags wont “seep” or “bleed” out dust like cloth bags typically do.

Why do you need Dust Collection?

Dust can clog machines, damage or tarnish materials or surfaces, and even create health hazards for your employees. It is imperative for workshops and production areas to have adequate filtration and dust collection equipment in place. Make the most of your investments and keep your work areas clean and clear of harmful particles with our high-quality dust collection bags.

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