Cabineo Connectors

by Lamello
SKU 186310

The Cabineo is a one-piece cabinet unit fitting and is installed into a drilled or routed shape. No edge drilling is necessary - the machining happens solely in the surface. Due to this, Cabineo can be used with all kinds of CNC machines, including very simple 3 axis and nesting machines.

In comparison with the standard cam and dowel fitting, the Cabineo offers more efficient production, faster installation and a higher clamping force. To top it off, there is no need for wooden dowels. The concept of the fitting was designed to use a minimal amount of resources for a maximum of functionality.

For all CNC machines

Surface machining without addtional drill holes in the edge for wooden dowels. Therefore the maching is possible on simple 3 axis CNC machines also.

Drilling or cutting

The workpiece can be machined either using a drill or a cutter.

Reduced to the essentials

The one-part connector features high clamping force and does not require any additional alignment elements such as wood dowels.

Cabinets, interiors, exhibitions, store fixtures, recreational vehicles

Installed and free-standing wardrobes, kitchen units, libraries, bookshelves, display units, toilet units etc.

Corner joints between bottom or top shelves and the side panel, or joints between shelves and a separating panel


Size 33.8 × 16.5 × 10.8 mm
Cutter Ø 12 mm or smaller
Drill Ø 5 mm or Ø 15 mm
Material Housing Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Installation Tolerance Lateral adjustment ± 0.1 mm

Strength per Connector (lbf)

 Particleboard - 19 mm Cabineo - 12 mm Cabineo - 8 mm Cam - no dowel
Tensile Strength 202 112 112
Shear Strength 191 124 124
Clamping Force 202 112 -


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