Gabbiani PT80

by SCM
Saw carriage with independent raise of the blades.

Essential tool for machining post-formed panels in order to optimise cycle-time machine and enhance cut finish.

FLEXCUT unit: incomparable flexibility and productivity.
Increasing of productivity up to 30%andspace saving up to 20%owing to the simultaneous execution of both rip and cross cuts.

Loading platform: when sturdiness and precision make the difference.
The lifting system, running on 4 large trapezoidal screws, as well as to maximize the load capacity in any material and format,alwaysensuresparallel liftingof the stacks of panels avoiding downtime and achievingmaximum productivity.

Meastro Cut: easy and powerful software to programme and create all the panels imaginable.

Intuitive,reliableand customizableoperator’s interface depending on customers’ needs.
Materials stock: creation of a panels storage with an integrated bi-directional connection to Maestro Watch
Off-cuts stock: automatic off-cut restocking that will be displayed together with the materials stock
Parts handling management during machining: parking solution for end products, off-cuts and scraps.

Gabbiani PT 80

Cutting lenght mm 3300/3800/4300
Cutting depth on platform mm 1850/2200
Max. height of panel stack on platform with support beams mm 600
Blade projection mm 80
Saw carriage variable speed (option) m/min 0 - 120
Pusher variable speed (option) m/min 0 - 70
Main blade motor S6 - 40% (option) kW 7 (9) (11)
Scoring unit blade motor 50 Hz  kW 1,5
Main blade / scorer speed 50 Hz rpm 4650/5850
Main blade / scorer blade diameter mm 340/200
Number of clamps std 5

Ideal for craftman and small and medium-sized enterprise requiring a lean and easy workflow.

Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, designed to cut solid wood panels or panel stacks and its products (chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels).
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