Jowat Cartridge EVA Glue 286.81, White - 48 Carts/Case

by Jowat
SKU SPJW28681-0035

Jowat 286.81 - White Adhesive Cartridge

The Jowat Cartridge EVA Glue 286.81 is a versatile and reliable hot melt adhesive designed for classic cartridge edgebanders. It offers excellent adhesion to primed HPL, PVC, ABS, solid wood, veneer, and resinated paper edgebands. With a medium viscosity and good heat stability, this glue ensures precise application and long-lasting bonds. Available in various colors, this product features white and is compatible with HOLZ-HER cartridge edgebanders, providing convenience and efficiency for your woodworking projects. Each order includes 48 cartridges, allowing for ample supply. Upgrade your edgebanding experience with Jowat's trusted adhesive solution.


Technical Data:

Polymer Base: EVA

Processing Temperature: 180 - 200°C (356 - 392°F)

Density: ~1.3 (10.8 lbs./gal.)

Softening Range: ~100°C (212°F) Ring & Ball

Appearance: 80-natural; 81-white; 82-brown; 83-black

Supply Form: Cartridge

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