Jowat Cartridge PUR Glue 608.01, White - 24 Cans/Case

by Jowat
SKU SPJW60801-0013HG

Jowat 608.01 - White Cartridge Unfilled Adhesive

Moisture curing polyurethane hot melt in cartridge form. Fast setting, high initial strength, and crosslinks in several days for a permanent bond.

Applications: Solid Wood or Veneer, HPL/CPL, Polyester, PVC, ABS, PP, and Resinated Paper Edgebands.


  • General Purpose, for all standard edgebands.
  • Unfilled PUR hot melt adhesive for edgebanding. 
  • High initial strength and quick downline processing.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Precise, stringing-free application.
  • Wide range of adhesion to different materials.
  • Low increase in viscosity at high temperatures.
  • Low energy consumption due to low processing temperature.

Processing Temperature: 212°F - 248°F (100°C - 120°C)

Appearance: White

Form: Cartridge

Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 6"

Weight: 13 lbs.

Packaging: Box of 24 Cans

Jowat 608.01 - Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Jowat 608.01 - Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Jowat 608.01 - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Recommended Flushing Agent: Jowat 930.94 Granular PUR Purge Flushing Agent

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