Jowat Cartridge PUR Purge Red Flushing Agent 930.94 – 25 Cans/Case

by Jowat
SKU SPJW93094-0012HG

Jowat 930.94 - Red PUR Purge Flushing Agent Cartridges

The Jowat 930.94 is a purging/flushing agent for adhesive applicators after working with PUR reactive hot melt systems. 

Our flushing agent is designed specifically for use with polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives, which are known for their strong bonding properties and fast cure times. Over time, however, PUR adhesive residues can build up in the application equipment, causing clogs, reduced efficiency, and even equipment failure. A PUR cleaning agent should always be run after using polyurethane adhesive to insure that material does not cure inside the equipment and cause damage.

Our flushing agent is a powerful and effective way to clean and maintain your PUR adhesive application equipment. Its unique formula is designed to dissolve and remove even stubborn adhesive residues, ensuring that your equipment is operating at peak performance. Red-colored for better identification and contains special additive to prevent chemical reactions.

With a quantity of 25 cartridges, you can be sure that you have enough flushing agent to keep your equipment in top shape for an extended period of time. The cartridges are easy to install and use, so you can quickly and easily flush your equipment whenever it's needed.

In addition to its cleaning power, Jowat Cartridge Red PUR Purge Flushing Agent 930.94 is also environmentally friendly. It's free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is made from renewable resources, making it a great choice for businesses that prioritize sustainability.


For flushing out applicator units for PUR hot melts.

• High initial strength and quick downline processing
• Precise, stringing-free application
• Excellent thermal stability
• Low increase in viscosity at high temperatures

Color: Red

Directions for use:

Due to a special additive, the chemical reaction of the PUR hot melt adhesive is prevented during the flushing procedure. Allow all adhesive to be extruded completely. Then fill the unit with Jowat® flushing agent and melt. The entire amount of flushing agent has to be run through the hose and nozzle; then repeat the procedure to ensure that all hot melt residues have been removed from the equipment. If this is not done, it may be possible that the desired crosslinking reaction will not take place when the reactive PUR hot melt adhesives are processed.

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