Lamello P-System Connector Assortment Professional Kit, 145312

by Lamello
SKU CL145312

Introducing the Lamello P-System Connector Assortment Professional Kit, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient woodworking.

Crafted by the industry-leading brand, Lamello, this kit includes a comprehensive collection of connectors that are designed to create strong and reliable joints with ease. With this kit, you can save time and effort by eliminating the need for clamps and screws, and instead, achieve seamless joints that are practically invisible.

The P-System Connector Assortment Professional Kit is perfect for woodworking professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're working on a large-scale project or a small DIY project, this kit has everything you need to create perfect joints.

The kit includes a total of 410 connectors in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the best option for your project. The connectors are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability, and are designed to withstand heavy loads and stress.

The connectors feature Lamello's patented P-System, which allows for easy insertion and removal, and provides a secure and stable connection that requires no additional hardware. The P-System also allows for easy alignment and adjustment, making it the perfect choice for precision work.

The kit comes in a sturdy and compact case that makes it easy to store and transport. The case features compartments that keep the connectors organized and easily accessible, so you can find the right connector for your project quickly and easily.

In summary, the Lamello P-System Connector Assortment Professional Kit is an excellent investment for anyone looking to achieve professional-level woodworking results. With its comprehensive collection of connectors, patented P-System, and durable and stable materials, this kit is sure to make your woodworking projects a success.

P-System Connector Assortment Professional Kit Contains

  • 120 pair Clamex P-14
  • 30 pair Clamex P Medius
  • 30 pair Clamex P-10
  • 80 pair Tenso P-14 plus pre-load clips
  • 30 pair Tenso P-10 plus pre-load clips
  • 20 pieces Bisco P-14
  • 20 pieces Bisco P-10
  • 80 pair Divario P-18
  • Divario installation tool, drill bit with depth gage, plastic marking jig
  • Clamex P installation tool
  • Sortainer T-Loc box
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