by Omal

Installation $4,000.00

Installation Cube $5,000.00

The HBD 1300 OF Horizontal Bore, Glue, and Dowel machine is a numerically controlled machine to drill, glue, and insert dowels on horizontal pieces with four loading zones, a 4' work table, and 8' capacity. This machine features the OMAL Sure Shot dowel delivery system, guaranteeing a dowel and glue/water with every insertion.

This machine can be equipped with horizontal drill and dowel unit, vertical drill, CNC X, Y & Z-axis and laser and auto-start features.  

  • (OF) Open-Frame, 4’ table, 8’ piece
  • Cycle time of approximately one second
  • Single or multiple horizontal and vertical drills
  • Sure Shot Dowel Revolver System
  • Indexable center and side fences
  • Large robust clamps

The OMAL Sure Shot System

  • Insertion revolver holds dowel in queue
  • Next dowel checked via fiber optic sensor
  • No Jam – OMAL's Sure Shot guarantees a dowel inserted every time

The OMAL Laser System

  • Automatically measures part
  • Populates the program list for part width
  • Calculates all dowel locations for part
  • With Auto-start Sensor run parts in any sequence without calling up program
  • With Auto-start Sensor option, machine senses panel no need to push start button

The machine has central and side drop-down fences, central lubrication, and full PC control with Wood Systems Machine Interface.


On 1V -2V or Cube Models



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