Pack F Packaging Line Machine

by SCM

These machines automatically pack the product with Airball  plastic foil and stretchwrapping polythene. This is obtained by tailor wrapping the Airball plastic foil over the product and horizontally stretchwrapping it with polythene. Stretchwrap Polythene packaging with airball is suitable for assembled furniture manufacturers (kitchens, etc) and single/stack panels (kitchen tops, etc.). The automatic polythene stretchwrap packaging lines are shaped on customer needs, and they must involve requested capacity production, kind of production and obviously product’s family, with its own peculiar needs of packaging during handling and transport. With this packaging technology, named “cool packaging”, where the stretchwrap PE is associated with Airball foil, the customer can achieve an effective packaging, with a huge efficiency in terms of energy saving, compared to shrinkwrap PE technology.

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