SCM CNC Timber Frame PMT Machine

by SCM

PMT is a 5-interpolated-axis CNC machining centre with movable bridge. The SCM solution for processing curved beams of large dimensions with the maximum versatility.

Extremely wide work areas, extendable up to 8 meters in width and 80 meters in length. Possibility of machining on single work area and on double work area with pendulum cycle.

The Advantagesced structure design guarantees the reduction of vibrations generated by heavy duty stock removal, achieving an excellent combination of execution speed and processing quality.

The PMT machining centre is characterized by total modularity, therefore it is configurable according to the customer's production needs.

Linear axes
X 10250 - 49600 mm 80 m/1'
Y 3600 - 6000 mm 80 m/1'
Z 1200 mm 30 m/1'
Rotating axes
B +/- 110° 9000°/1'
C +/- 300° 9000°/1'
Operating unit with 5 axes
Power (s1) 32 kW
Tool store 20 tools
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