Profile Scrape Station Inserts, SCM Olimpic K230, K360 and K560 - Pack of 10

SKU WSI3298410

Profile Scrape Station Inserts

Sold per a box with a quantity of 10 knives. Imported from Germany with a 2 week lead time.

Bevel and radius edgebander profile scrapers available with 1, 2 and 3mm radius options.

Introducing the Profile Scrape Insert Knives for SCM edgebanders - the ultimate tool for achieving perfect edgebanding results on even the most complex profiles!

Crafted from high-quality steel and designed with precision, these insert knives are compatible with SCM edgebanders and are engineered to scrape away excess glue from the panel surface while also shaping the edgebanding to match the profile of the workpiece.

Designed with a specialized profile scraper blade, these insert knives enable you to achieve precise cuts on intricate profiles with minimal effort. They are perfect for producing custom edgebanding shapes and for achieving consistent results on high volume production runs.

Thanks to their superior durability, these knives are built to withstand even the toughest woodworking projects. Their razor-sharp edges ensure precise cuts every time, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish on your workpieces.

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the user-friendly design of these profile scrape insert knives. Simply slide them into your edgebander and tighten them into place. Once installed, you'll be amazed at how efficiently they remove excess glue and shape the edgebanding to match the profile of your workpiece.

Investing in these profile scrape insert knives for your edgebander is a smart choice for any woodworking professional looking to improve the quality and precision of their work. With their superior durability, precision, and ease of use, you can achieve perfect edgebanding results on every project, no matter how complex.

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