SCM Formula S 740P Bandsaw, INCLUDES FREIGHT

by SCM

Massive, high-precision, professional band saws for the D.I.Y woodworkers and the carpentries.

S 740P Industrial Series Bandsaws

The Industrial Series of Bandsaws by formula come with even heavier features and larger motors. These machines are all 3-phase and are meant for heavy duty resaw and are even used in non-wood applications in the advanced materials industries. Designed specifically for the North American market, this band saw has everything hobbyist and larger craft shops need. This versatile machine can handle delicate or tight curved work, and heavy-duty resaw operations. This robust band saw features a 6.6 horsepower 3-phase motor, 17.7” resaw height and massive 29” flywheel diameter, an impressive 28.3” cutting width and a 28” by 39” table that can tilt up to 45°.

The Formula S 740P has 17.7” resaw height as well as 28.3” cutting width. These capacities make this saw a great addition to any industrial environment.

The Formula S 740P comes with upper and lower Europeans-style guides on the machine. These guides provide for quick and easy adjustments without the need for tools. They can be adjusted up or down to accommodate the tilting of the table. When you are not tilting the table, you can raise the guides all the way up to the lower table surface to decrease the distance between your guides, maintaining maximum stability through your cut.

The Formula S 740P has a rigid, rectified steel guidepost with rack and pinion positioning for rapid and precise raising or lowering of the guides.

The Formula S 740P has thick cast iron wheels which are perfectly balanced to reduce vibration and produce a fly wheel effect to aid in the processing of your pieces.

The Formula S 740P has vulcanized tires that not only bonds the rubber tires to the wheel, but they become like one with them. This means a greater transfer of power, as well as making it nearly impossible to shred them if a blade breaks resulting in less wear and maintenance over their lifetime.

Our heavy-duty steel frames are the most rigid in their class and are designed to withstand the tension required for a carbide tipped blade.

Two dust ports are included on this band saw, not just one like most others. This helps ensure that you will capture more debris, as well as capture it more efficiently.

Solidity and Sturdiness
Very thick, cast iron wheels, as well as the worktable, running on sealed for life ball bearings.

Safety First
Total safety machining with telescopic protections with rackwork to the blade.

Perfect Results
A perfect cut result is assured by the top and bottom high precision blade guides. Practical machines suitable also to perform straight and tilted cuts on wood, plastic and aluminum.

SCM S 740P Bandsaw Blade Length: 212"

Minimum/Maximum Blade Width: 3/8" - 1-1/2"

SCM Bandsaws S 440P, S 540P, S 640P, S 740P, S 840P, S 940P Technical Data Chart

- Steel frame
- Cast-iron worktable
- Cast-iron rip fence
- Saw-blade tensioning indicator
- Rack and pinion lifting system
- Quick-tilting table with single-handle adjust feature
- Disc-type cast-iron flywheels running on sealed ball bearings
- Thick, vulcanized tires
- American miter slot (3/8” deep x ¾” wide)
- Band saw lower footbrake
- Overload motor protection
- Emergency push/stop button
- Top/bottom European-style roller guides with ball bearings
- Cleaning brush on bottom wheel
- Safety micro switches
- Two lower exhaust port outlets for dust extraction
- Tool set and owner’s manual

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