SCM, DMC System T5C

by SCM


Orbiting unit with rotary discs

The orbital movement of the support

structure lets the rotary discs to

round the sharp edges and allows

the brushing action to reach those

inaccessible areas on profiled panels.

Brushes Bi-Directional

SEALER SANDING - 320 /400 Grit

WHITE WOOD SANDING - 180 / 220 Grit

“SI” brush sanding roller of the “BF-300” unit is equipped with an exclusive  system to adjust the angle of the abrasive strips, with respect to the feed belt direction. In this way it’s possible to adjust and make more even the action of the brushes on all the 4 sides of the workpiece.



the 3 movements of the unit (rotation of the discs, counter-rotation of the disc-holder heads and lateral movement of the aggregate) guarantee performances which cannot be achieved with traditional sanding units. The three movements of the unit are independent of each other and managed by motors controlled by inverters: this allows for the most random combination of rotation speeds to be selected for each type of application.



The “Finesand” unit uses a sanding pad with a very large contact area, which sands the parts with a dual orbital movement:

ﺡThe first orbital movement (red circles) is very fast and has a small radius: this eliminates the cross-grain scratches because it produces a sanding action which does not have any particular direction.

حThe slower, wider rotation (blue circles) produces a uniform sanding action across the entire sanded area.

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