SCM Olimpic K230, K360, K560 Edgebander Tooling

by SCM

Pre-Milling Cutterheads

PCD pre-milling cutterhead for the pre-milling unit, designed to give a perfectly smooth and straight edge which is essential for the application of the edgebanding material.


Pre-Mill Half Inserts for Edgebanders

Pre-Mill Diamond Insert Knives

The pre-mill diamond insert knives are designed to remove any imperfections or irregularities from the edge of the workpieces before edgebanding, ensuring a clean and precise finish. These insert knives are highly durable and provide efficient and reliable performance.


SCM Edgebander Guillotine Knife

Guillotine Knife

The guillotine knife located in the glue station before the pressure rollers, is designed to cut the excess edgebanding material at the beginning and end of the workpieces, which limits the amount of banding that is engaged.


SCM Edgebander End Trim Cutting Saw Blade

End Trim Saw Blades

Saw blades for the end trimming unit for trimming glued edges, designed to accurately and efficiently cut the excess edgebanding material at the ends of workpieces.


SCM Edgebander Trimmer Knife with Radius

Top and Bottom Trimmers with Interchangeable Knives

Trimmers for the top and bottom trimming unit, designed to trim the top and bottom edges of the workpieces that have been edgebanded, ensuring a clean and even finish.

SCM Edgebander Corner Rounding CutterCorner Rounding Radius Cutters - SCM Olimpic K230 & K360 (Includes HP Version)Corner Rounding Radius Cutters - SCM Olimpic K230 & K360 (Includes HP Version)

Corner Rounding Cutters

Cutters for the corner rounding unit, designed to round the corners of workpieces that have been edgebanded, providing a smooth and polished finish. Available in 1, 2 and 3mm options with radius and straight edge profile.

Glue Scrapers

Square insert knives for the glue scraper unit, designed to remove excess glue from the edges of the workpieces that have been edgebanded. Used for edge finishing, cleans up the panel and removes the trimming marks.


Radius Edge Scraper for Edgebanders

Radius Edge Scrapers

Radius inserts for the radius scraping unit, designed to create a clean and smooth finish on the edges of workpieces that have been edgebanded. Made of high-quality materials and available in 1, 2 and 3mm radius options.


Buff Wheel Brush for Edgebanders

Buffing Wheel Brushes (K 230ERT)

Buffing Wheel Brushes (K 360E, K 360TE, K 360HP, K 500HP, K 560HP)

Buffing wheel brushes for the buffing wheel unit are designed to provide an effective and efficient way to buff and polish a wide range of surfaces, including metal, wood, and plastics. These brushes are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications.

SCM Edgebander Stations Labelled

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