SOLD Used 2016 Anderson Stratos CNC Router TC+D, 5X10

Sold out

* Installed in 2018 with only 250 hours.  In great condition and able to demo.  (Location Midwest)



240V - 100 Amps (Includes Vacuum Pumps)


(5+5 Drill Block)
Equipped with
1 (one) 18 HP HSK63F Router Head
With an
10-Position Ride-Along Automatic Tool Changer
1 (one) Multiple Spindle Boring Head




Table size 3200 mm x 1600 mm (126” x 63”)
Pop-Up Positioning Pins 14 pins – 90mm height
Vacuum Zones per Table 1 (one)

Axis stroke X axis: 3400 mm (134”) Y axis: 2180 mm (86”)
Z axis: 250 mm (10”)

Single Axis Rapid Rate X-axis: 50 meters/min (1,968”/min)
Y-axis: 50 meters/min (1,968”/min)
Z-axis: 12 meters/min (472”/min) Maximum Rapid Traverse All-axis: 70 meters/min (2,755”/min)

Spindle #1 - Router Spindle Spindle #2 - Line Boring Unit

Spindle type Anderson Grease Type Spindle type: Line Boring Unit Motor power 13.5Kw (S6): 11Kw (S1) Motor Power: 2 HP
Spindle speed (RPM) 1000-22000 Spindle speed: 4,500 rpm
No. of changeable tools 10 Vertical Drills: 5 x 5 Spindle nose HSK63F taper Drill Shank Dia: 10 mm


Vacuum hold down system 2 (two) Becker Pumps with H-Rack:
Power (per pump) 9 HP Flow (per pump) 168 cfm Total Pressure 24" Hg

Machine footprint Floor area 236” x 140” Height 110”

Net Machine Weight 5,500 Kg* (12,125 lbs.) *not including pump(s)

Table / Reference Pins

The vacuum table is made of torsion resistant cast steel, covered with a 30mm thick
phenolic grid table top for the quick and easy mounting of work pieces via pods, clamps,
spoil-boards, or holding fixtures. FOURTEEN (14) pneumatically controlled Pop-up pins, are included for Nested Based Manufacturing or individual part location.

The table is configured with one vacuum zone, which is m-code controlled. The vacuum zone is equipped with an electronic safety barrier and low vacuum sensor. This table and pump combination will allow a wide range of flexibility in holding large & small work pieces.
State-of-the-art closed loop FANUC AC digital servo motors are utilized on X, Y & Z axis.

Automatic oil lubrication is utilized for X & Y Axes guide ways & ball screws. Centrally located grease fittings are utilized for end bearings and profiled linear guide ways. All guides are protected from dust and other contaminates by
double sealed wipers. The operator control panel has a
Handheld Pendant with separate Feed Rate & Rapid Rate Override. A dust collection hood with automatic damper system is provided for the router spindle.


FANUC OiM-F Controller System + Windows PC Front End User Interface
With “FAST CORNER FUNCTION”, and the following standard features:

This Anderson CNC Proudly uses the latest, Series 0i-MODEL F, with nano-resolution performance. With
over 700,000 systems installed, the 0/0i from FANUC is by far the world’s most popular CNC control. Operational & programming consistency are critical to maximize productivity. Operators that already have experience with FANUC controls will be comfortable with the Series 0i in no time, with little or no additional training. Existing part programs will typically run without modification. Each operator can select their preferred language quickly from any one of the 16 supported by the 0i.

FANUC’s culture of quality ensures that our CNC systems are the most reliable available. Statistically, a FANUC hardware fault occurs only once for every 32 years of productive service (MTBF). With the commitment of a 25-year parts availability
guarantee, convenient local parts inventories, over 34 US locations, & economical repair & return services, you can look forward to decades of trouble-free operation with the Confidence that your machine will be available for production when you need it.

High-capacity, nonvolatile internal memory is provided for part program storage. Slots are optional for an additional 2GB of part program storage. Part programs stored in external memory cards can be edited & executed just like internal memory, providing practically unlimited capacity.

The network-ready 100-MBit Ethernet interface allows the CNC to be integrated into a network for high-speed part program transfers & the collection of process related data. It also supports remote troubleshooting from the maintenance department anywhere around the world. The Ethernet port doesn’t use a public operating system, so it’s practically “hacker-free” & virus immune.

The Series 0i-MODEL F achieves the highest precision possible, with nanometer resolution standard throughout the CNC system. Fast, high resolution 16-million count- per-revolution feedback devices combine to provide a superior surface finish quality when contouring. This minimizes the need for secondary operations, reducing delivery times & part cost. High-efficiency drive systems pump energy back into the power line
when the machine is decelerating, and when combined with cycle time reductions, they reduce electrical power consumption by up to 50%. Plus, the CNC system is ‘ready-to-go’ in less than 30 seconds.

The FANUC 0iMF Controller System is open architecture and will accept industry standard G-Code from any CAD/CAM or Screen-To-Machine program available. Plus, Operator training times and costs are minimized with the continuity of operation and upward compatibility to run existing programs or future programs on your CNC controller.

Downtime is minimized by separating the actual CNC control and the PC interface technologies. The PC is upgradable in the future and easily field replaced. Plus, it is easy to use, easy to learn, and provides hundreds of gigabytes of part program storage. Most CAD/CAM software packages can be installed right on the PC interface for inexpensive on-the-floor part programming capabilities.



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