The POWERMATIC® 43" Wide Belt Sander delivers the utmost performance in measurement and sanding, creating a flawless finish every time. The Sander has centralized controls which allow the user to access all the needed buttons on one simple panel for more convenience. The variable speed feed belt allows the user to accurately dial in the exact feed speed to best suit each project and work environment. The sander also features a special digital readout control. This element is especially helpful because it will show the exact thickness of the finished piece or will allow the user to preset exactly what thickness they would prefer the finished piece to be. The sander also includes a unique measuring device, the auto thicknesser, that will capture the piece of wood to give the user an exact measurement of the starting thickness. The POWERMATIC® 43" Wide Belt Sander has an air-eye system which controls the oscillation for the 43" x 75" sanding belt. This prevents the belt from running off the end of the drums and uses the sanding surface in a more uniform manner. This also ensures sanding lines will not be left on the work piece. The 43" wide belt sander also has a powerful three motor system for maximum performance. The first motor system allows for maximum horsepower to feed the drive drums. A second, smaller motor, directly powers the VS feed belt and a third, smaller motor, powers the feed table up and down to the desired thickness automatically and with ease. For safety, the Sander has a disc brake, which slows the machine quickly and stops it instantly in the event of an emergency.

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