XCEL-EDGE Edgebanding All Purpose Cleaning Agent


Application Location: Machine In-feed

Ideal to prepare the edge of the panel before edge-banding by removing glue residue, grease and oils which can prevent proper glue adhesion.  Also reduces emerging glue residue in the corner area from the cross-gluing process.

  • Hand-use:

A very versatile cleaner for non-porous surfaces, the XE1 easily dissolves and removes glue residue, streaks, and grease.  Works great for routine machine cleaning and maintenance, or for other surface cleaning and work areas in your shop

For best application, spray XE1 on a lint-free cloth first then wipe by hand. May also be used with edgebanding machinery spray systems, please test flow rates to match your production speeds and material types.

Available in 4 container sizes: 1 Liter Bottle, 2 Liter Jug, 5 Gallon Container & 55 Gallon Drum

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