ACMOS 101-5001 Release Agent for White Glue in Veneer Pressing, Non Hazmat

by Acmos
SKU WSI-ACMOS101-5001-20KG

ACMOS 101-5001

A release agent for pressing veneered surfaces with the use of PVAc white glues (D2, D3, D4). 

Classified as non Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping makes this product much more affordable to ship!

Protects the surfaces of press plates from glue build up; the veneered surfaces do not adhere to the press plates and glue residues can easily be removed.

Suitable for all pressing temperatures above 120°C; can also be applied on cold press plates, no effect on rubber.

Application: Spray / Pull-Bar - Apply Thinly

NON Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping

Available Container Sizes: 1 (Qty 12 - Sold by Case) | 20 | 40 kgs


Range of application:

Release Agent for white glue.


Emulsion of active ingredients in water.

Physical and chemical properties:

Form: Gel

Appearance: Light Yellow

Smell: Characteristic 

Density at 20°C: 0.95 g/ml ; DIN 51757

pH-value (0 g/l): 7.00

Active Substances: 15,53

Flashpoint: 54°C ; EN ISO 2719

Viscosity at 20°C: > 60 sec ; Flow cup 4mm DIN EN ISO 2431


Storage temperature: between 10°C and 30°C

Maximum Storage: approx. 9 months


Do not store outdoors. Protect from heat and cold. Allow products to reach room temperature before use. Do not leave container open.
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