Riepe LP289/99 Antistatic Coolant - 7.92 Gallons (30L)

by Riepe
SKU SPLP28999-30L

Riepe LP289/99 - Area of Application: Following Edge Application

The LP289/99 Antistatic-Coolant, from Riepe, can be applied to the upper and lower edge area of the workpiece to statically discharge the edge area, cool the glue joint, and harden the glue. It also keeps the tracers and workpieces free of chippings, and keeps the tooling free of glue residue, increasing their longevity. Frequent replacing or cleaning of tooling becomes unnecessary.

Spray onto the upper and lower edge area of the workpiece
-  Statically discharges the edge area
-  Cooling of the glue joint and hardening of the glue
-  Tracers and workpieces remain free of chippings
-  Tooling remains free of glue residue

Application: Anti-Static Coolant
Area of Application: Following edge application, After pressure zone
Form: Fluid
Color: Blue
Odor: Alcohol-like
pH-value at 20°C (68°F): 10.3
Boiling point/Boiling range: > 75°C (> 167°F)
Storage: Protect against direct sunlight, other sources of heat and ignition.
Store in a cool location with dry conditions in well sealed receptacles.

Weight: 63 lbs.
Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 16"
Available Container Sizes: 10 | 30 | 200 | 1000 Liters

Classified as Hazardous/Hazmat for DOT Shipping: Flammable Liquids, UN 1987

*Due to the Hazardous material classification of this product, a required hazmat shipping fee will be applied to the checkout shipping costs. Contact WSI to get the best shipping rate available, please include your shipping address and desired products with quantities with your request*

Riepe Edgebander Chemical Chart Diagram

Riepe Antistatic Coolant LP289/99 - Safety Data Sheet

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