19.7" x 63 ga x 5000' High-Performance SteelFlex Plus Machine Film, SP206350 - 2 Rolls & 50 Rolls, Free Shipping

SKU APSP206350

19.7" x 63 ga x 5000' High-Performance Machine Film, Single Rolls In Stock, Pallets Ship Within 2 - 3 Weeks

SteelFlex Plus is the next generation of high performance machine film with excellent cost effectiveness and durability. This machine film offers savings through superior performance at a competitive price. It is a very machine-friendly film that replaces thicker, obsolete films in standard gauge. A great choice for those who want to source reduce and remain cost effective. It can be called the “have it all” film.

Price per a Roll: $60.4 (without shipping)

Price per a Roll with Pallet: $48.32 (includes shipping)


  • High performance machine film
  • Superior down-gauge capabilities
  • Excellent machinability
  • Excellent source reduction product
  • Extensive cost savings


  • 19.7" Roll width
  • 5,000' Roll length
  • 63 Gauge (this performance film acts like 80 gauge)
  • Recommended for A and B type pallet loads
  • 24.8 lbs. per a roll

Full Pallet Information

  • Free US Shipping for full pallet orders
  • 50 Rolls per a pallet
  • 1,241 lbs. per a pallet



SteelFlex Plus Machine Film Brochure

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